Custom CNC Cutter Parts

Tired of working with stock CNC cutter parts and heads, making more and more complex cuts and calculations to ensure your project turns out properly? Opt for custom CNC machine cutting heads from Kubor Tooling! We are a CNC cutter part supplier that designs and fabricates custom cutter heads in Placentia, CA for your millwork application, ensuring you get the precision results you need, from CNC router cutting heads specifically designed to deliver them.

Helical Planing Cutters

We specialize in creating helical planing cutters that offer lightweight, yet sturdy construction, with cost effective yet replaceable RCT inserts. Our planing cutters are made from aluminum or steel alloys, suitable for use with four-sides moulders, copy shapers and spindle shapers. Just provide your equipment specifications and we’ll get to work creating a helical planing cutter that’s a sure-fit for your equipment.

Our cutters are suitable for a broad range of materials, including solid woods, plywood, acrylics, MDF.


For all our helical planing cutters, we also offer the essential accessories you need to keep them in good condition or change out replaceable components. We’ll make sure you have the appropriate blades, screws and screwdrivers to maintain your cutter for as long as you use it. We also sell carbide tip replacement blades.

  • Knives
  • Wedges
  • Screws
  • Screwdrivers

Cut with Confidence

Ready to bring new levels of precision and efficiency to your woodworking operation in California? Contact us today with specifications for a custom helical planing cutter, adjustable profile cutter, and other CNC machine cutting heads. We also offer CNC cutter drill bits and aggregates!

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