Custom Boring Heads Manufacturer

Kubor Tooling produces totally custom, to-spec parts for craftsmen across the woodworking industry. We specialize in a variety of CNC machine parts, including, including CNC router boring heads, cutting heads, cutters, drill bits, tool holders, aggregates and more. Send your specifications and we’ll manufacture precision, durable parts with fast turnover time. Contact us today to get started.

Rapid Tooling for Quality Custom Bits, Boring Heads and Cutters for woodworking demands precision crafting. If you use CNC solutions, even with multi-functions application, our CNC machine parts supplier can provide you with tool holders and aggregates for ISO, HSK, OZ specs. Make sure you’re also taking advantage of our custom-made Boring heads, drill bits, tungsten carbide cutter heads. PCD diamond cutters. Kubor Tooling provides totally custom CNC machine parts in Placentia, CA, designed to bring efficiency, precision, and quality to your woodworking projects.

Custom-made Drill Bits

They are guaranteed to stand up to your workload, We offer high-speed Steel drill bits for various drilling applications, such as hinge boring, V-grooving, countersinks, and mortising, etc. We’ll make sure you save your time in doing your tasks. Regardless of the type of equipment you have or the nature of the custom component you need, count on us to create it flawlessly. We use your specifications and meet them without fail, resulting in efficient and economical solutions that skilled millworkers across the United States, Canada and Mexico trust.

CNC Machine Part Supplier

PCD Cutters

We manufacture router bits, milling knives, cutter heads for molders, planers to meet the industrial tough standards. Good for materials, such as plywood, MDF, veneered or bare wood based chipboard, reinforced plastics , such as GFRP and CFRP.

We custom manufacture for your specific requests. Using German Technology and super hard PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) . Our cutters offer solid, clean cuts with low noise, little chip formation.

Boring heads (Gear Heads, Drill Heads)

We’ll get to work quickly, providing you with rapid results.  Let us help you execute your craftsmanship with precision, excellence and reliability, so you can continue to produce the quality products you’re known for.

We also have models that offers flexibility for you to set your own distance between spindles (with less numbers of spindles )

We are recognized by our clients that include architectural millworks, furniture makers, fixture workers, cabinets and closet makers, artisans and many more.!!  Our customers are over the world, Europe, United States, Canada and Mexico, Australia, and Asia..

CNC Tool Holders and CNC Aggregates

For your CNC applications we offer tool holders and aggregates that are of ISO, OZ and HSK standards, respectively. Our tool holders and collets, chucks meet the highest quality standards highest speed requirements.
We also offer swivel types of aggregates that make angular cutting or drilling quick and easy. Aggregates are ISO, or HSK63 or OZ compatible.
For multi-operation procedures our aggregates allow you to do sawing, cutting, drilling, and carving within simple, easy steps in shortest time.

Everything we produce is totally custom-made based on the specifications and needs of our clients.
Our turnaround is much quicker than most other custom tooling shops.
We pride ourselves on creating long-lasting, quality products that are well-crafted using only the very best materials in the industry.  We stand behind everything we manufacture with products warranty.
We build custom boring heads that are compatible with the name brands from Germany, Austria, Italy, America, Spain and many more!  We are a good source for retrofitting your used boring equipment. If you need, our engineering team will also help design the most efficient and economical boring heads (gear heads, drill heads) to achieve flexibility and precision for your various drilling projects..

We manufacture Boring heads up to 32 axes of spindles.  You can specify your distance between spindles. Contact us today! Our CNC machine parts supplier is ready to assist you.

We provide custom CNC machine parts, including boring heads to the following areas

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico