Custom Boring Heads

Based on your specifications, we’re able to customize spacing, weight, capacity and more, resulting in a custom boring head fit for your specific application.

  • 3-axis w/ angular-type spindle configurations
  • 4-axis w/ angular-type spindle configurations
  • Fixed-spacing w/ special spindle configuration
  • Fixed-spacing w/ angular spindle configuration

Router Bits

We also specialize in creating super-hardness grade Tungsten carbide router tips. We’re familiar with the broad range of router bits woodworking professionals need and can customize a bit to meet the specs of your custom needs. Some of the many router bits we’ve created and can fabricate for you include:

  • 45-degree chamfer
  • 45-degree lock miter
  • Classical ogee
  • Crown moulding
  • Dove tail
  • Edge beading
  • Finger jointer bit
  • Flush trim (up to 2″)
  • Round over bowl
  • Stile and rail sets
  • Straight (up to 2″)
  • T-slot cutter
  • Thumbnail bits
  • V-grooveFrench provincial
  • Half round
  • Hand rail bit
  • Hinge boring
  • Mortising
  • Multi-beading bit
  • Picture moulding
  • Rabbeting bit

Custom and Woodworking Drill Bits

With robust tooling capabilities, we take pride in producing custom woodworking drill bits in Placentia, CA for all types of equipment, including drills, lathes, routers and much more. Our bits are made with precision woodworking in mind, made from the finest materials and tooled to meet the unique specifications of our clients.

Craft the Right Bit

Don’t settle for a stock bit when your project calls for a totally custom solution. Contact Kubor Tooling today to get the unique boring head, router bit or custom drill bit you need. Call us to discuss the specifics of your bit and the nature of the equipment you’re operating.

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