Custom CNC Tool Holders and Aggregates

For precision woodworking and milling, there’s no better standard than CNC setups. Depending on the nature of your projects, your automated milling may require custom CNC aggregates in Placentia, CA beyond the stock options of your machine. When your needs extend beyond what’s available, contact Kubor Tooling.

We have extensive experience in creating CNC tool holders and aggregates. We’ll keep your automated milling processes running smoothly, with a tooling solution designed for the project at hand.

Tool Holders and Arbors

Our experience with custom CNC tool holders in Placentia, California are extensive and we’re equipped to fabricate holders and arbors to match any specification. Our capabilities include tool holders for all manner of CNC routers, with designs, centered on both collet chucks w/ nut and mill hold arbors.

Whether you’re getting a custom bit fabricated by our team or need a unique collet designed to augment your equipment for a precision bit for a custom project, we’re able to meet your specs. We build custom parts that are compatible with the following brands: Biesse, Koch, Powermatic, Grizzly, Zubiola, Friulmac and many more!

CNC Aggregates for Boring Heads and Blades

When your CNC milling setup demands a custom aggregate to support custom-fabricated boring heads and blades, we’re here to support you. Our experience with designing functional, tailored CNC aggregates has given us the ability to create components based on the specifics of your milling application. Our aggregates can be designed for all types of CNC tasks, including:

Get the Custom Solution You Need

If your Californian CNC milling operation needs a custom solution, turn to Kubor Tooling and contact us today. With the ability to create tool holders and aggregates based on custom specifications, we provide a tailored product for every client we work with, be it aggregates, CNC cutter drill bits, or cutter parts.

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